Creating identity for a battery company that believes it can and will change the way people perceive power.

ReeDay is a battery manufacturer who approached us for designing a logo and cracking a tagline. So we gave our grey cells a jolt and got down to the task. Used a bold font to denote the power-packed product and its mighty impact. The alphabet is slightly inclined forward to denote how they are future-ready. It’s in blue to denote that the product is trustworthy and intelligent – totally ahead of the curve. And the tagline – Ree-imagine Power – is to help people switch their imagination of power from AC to DC, and to bring to light a company that’s constantly reinventing the battery, shrinking its size and boosting its strength.



A direct mailer with not just a fancy desktop item, but something useful wrapped in a heartfelt message.

It was Doctor’s Day and we were presented with the opportunity to surprise the doctors with a gift that could acknowledge their commitment. A useless sovouneir is not our style, so we designed a concept around a useful product – the power bank,
and related it to how the doctors empower the lives of patients.



A battery manufacturer with its veins spreading into solar power.

They wanted to position themselves as an energy group and not just another product brand. So the logo had to be extendable, dynamic and also sophisticated at the same time. Electrifying, but not loud. Aggressive, but not arrogant.

Scots Pine International School

Scots Pine International School

A school with an international approach, highlighting the importance of grooming every child’s individual potential.

We artistically integrated the distinct characteristic of a pine into a shield. To show the strength of right schooling and also the holistic nature of their curriculum.

To fuse the vibrant shades of kids with the seriousness of quality education. And to give the school a global outlook. Here’s an identity created for the future.

Pariksha Biotech

Pariksha Biotech

A company that believes in continuous research and development to develop new products in tune with the world today.

Here was a client who wanted a new look not for the sake of it, but to fight a situation. They had quality, but not the image that should be synonymous with it. They had the trust of their limited clientele, but not the attention of new prospects.

To convey their zeal and psychological evolution, and to rebuild the confidence of their team, we catapulted them into a new realm.

De Pego


A premium skincare product available on prescription and also over the counter.

We designed the logo and packaging based on a clear brief from the client: minimal and international. It’s a design no product in this domain has ever had before, because helping our clients stand out is what we strive for.


Athletiq casual & sports wear.

A sports wear and casual apparel brand, targeting the swag craving youth in tier-2 cities.

Sophistication is a language they don’t understand. They understand in-the-face. They understand bold colours. They understand labels they can show off along with their attire. And we absolutely understand their perspective. Hence the design.

Copil Skin

Copil Skin 

A complete range of skincare products for children.

To design this logo and packaging, we had to stop thinking like adults and start thinking like kids. And returning to innocence is an opportunity no artist ever wants to miss. This job was totally defined by those it aimed to reach.