Imagine the ancient wheel,
a clay pot and a hut.

First, discover and dismantle the problem.
Next, invent and implement a solution.
M+M works this way.

This way, we found that the nicest way to communicate is to embed a visual cue in the message. So, this dismantle-embed-implement errand is our method. Being in the buying selling space, we have noticed the pattern of human behavior, which is centred in visibility. To make you unforgettably visible, we put to use our method, and design is the master of our method.

As an agency, we observed that design works like daylight, even when there are clouds against the sun. So, design is the one thing we care about, the most. It has evolved across the length and breadth of branding and advertising over decades. It made some things simpler. It kept some things alive. It has been dismantling problems.

We embrace it like anything. We all embrace evolution like no other species. Now, imagine a car, a refrigerator and a skyscraper.

It is time we embrace new methods too. Now, imagine a great logo, an effective advertisement and an immortal brand.

We have a method to solve.
We have a method to evolve.