How visible is an apple in a cart full of apples?


How visible is an apple in a cart full of apples?

Come to think of it, visibility is a simple concept.
Whatever stands out has your attention.
If you were given a basket full of apples, your eyes would be all over the place.
Place a lemon in it, and you’re hooked, to that one little outstanding piece of difference.
The apples will slowly fade into being an abstract backdrop for the lemon to become the centre of your focus.

Visibility is like spilling some ink into a glass of plain water.
It’s about disrupting the pattern, breaking the symmetry and inducing something new into the mundane scheme of things.
Spotting the difference in monotony is not an acquired skill for humans; it’s totally instinctive.
Like in the haze of Monday morning madness, where we move like the machines we’ve evolved into, fueled by paid momentum, the lone person sitting on the pavement and doing nothing grabs our eye.
We all crave to be that difference.
We all crave visibility, but it won’t happen until we break out of the crowd.

However, when it comes to brands, the game changes a bit.
Visibility becomes not just the concept of standing out, but also reaching out.
Back in the day, advertising was driven by what’s in the packet.
Today, it’s driven by what’s on it.
So many brands trying to sell the same products, so how does your brand emerge visible?
Why will the consumer lay his finger on your brand out of the enormous labeled landscape that stares at him from the racks of supermarkets?

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Simple. You need a distinctive mark and a genius method to promote that mark, to push it so deep into the lives of your target consumers that it’s hard for them to imagine a day without you.
A mark they can relate to; a mark they can proudly talk about to their friends and family when they huddle around dinner and drinks after a hard day’s work; a mark that doesn’t just compliment their personality, but also reflects it.

This may sound arbitrary to the context, but apparently, on a dark night the human eye can see a candle flame flickering up to 48 kilometers away. That’s the power of our vision; the power of spotting a speck of light on an infinitely dark canvas. But the brands today don’t have the luxury of such a stark contrast. There are so many. Like a heap of entangled wires on an electric pole. It’s hard to make out which one is for what. What if all the wires were not black and had different colors marking their individual purpose?
Mark. That’s the keyword. That’s the solution. That’s visibility. That’s what you are striving for and that’s exactly what we are here for; unless you want to be an apple in a cart full of apples.