We are not your target audience

We are not your target audience

We are not.
You too are not your target audience.
Then who is?
(Rather than picturing the plural of the word ‘audience’, let’s walk through the story of one audience, who happened to be a target for a brief time).

An Indian traveler once came across a restaurant in Istanbul that hung a note near the entrance that said anyone who doesn’t enjoy their food can call the waiter and tell him the same and they could get their bill repaid or waived. Surprisingly, nobody complained about their food in all the years. Including our humble Indian.

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The same traveler was in France later and he walked into a reputed restaurant to try some talked-about French food. This time, this restaurant has sported no such note that it will serve for free. All the more, the traveler didn’t have his previous experience in mind and just went on to place an order as usual. After the meal, he got thoroughly disappointed with the food. He didn’t like it at all. Not taking the liberty to throw his disappointment in the face of the manager, he came back and gave a bad review to the restaurant online. A few days later, the man got a mail from that French restaurant apologizing for failing to delight him. They even asked for his bank details so that they can return the money he paid for the food. Doubting the legitimacy of the mail, he didn’t share his details. A couple of years later, this man happened to be in France again and coincidentally, went to this same restaurant. The manager remembered him post-haste and apologized for what happened earlier. He even offered a free meal this time. Moments later, the unbelievable gesture is that the manager gifted his expensive wristwatch to this Indian man as a token of apology and as a memento of goodwill.

That note in Istanbul targeted hundreds of audiences.
The wristwatch in France targeted only one audience, who probably wouldn’t visit again.

Now, say you run the restaurant.
The cooks are grappling with knives and burners.
The waiter paces across the floor.
You receive your customers at the entrance.

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If you’re wondering where we are, we don’t dine at your restaurant. Think of us like this: we just linger at your door and in the street to eavesdrop on your visitors.

Our job is to write that note for you that hangs outside the restaurant.
We design and put together such a message for you that keeps you in business longer than you expected.

Just to let you know, don’t worry – we wouldn’t suggest you give away your watch to a dissatisfied diner. We shall think of some other way out.

Not to mention, the target audiences are not sitting ducks, but migrating Pelicans.
We are here to help you target the right audience, with the right arms, in the right season, at the right time.