What this pandemic means to us in 480 words

What this pandemic means to us in 480 words

What this pandemic means to us in 480 words

One thing everyone is sure about is that this pandemic is a taste of things to come.

Although people are unaccustomed to this kind of lifestyle – which includes washing hands frequently and avoiding handshakes – they are warming up to this new normal. The world hasn’t changed a lot in the past few weeks, but people have. They all had to move away from their regular ‘coping, hoping, doping & shopping’ cycle and do everything from home and at home. Now work is where WiFi is. With this swift change, businesses and services were also forced to take an indefinite break. Though people are coming out now, armed to the teeth, they wouldn’t move about like they once did. Now, with the fear of infection prevailing in the society and a new set of guidelines for markets, what is the future anticipating from us?

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There was a time when business owners talked about building a future-ready company. Of course, not many walked their talk. To be future-ready is to be able to hardwire the habit of openness and zero-resistance towards transformation. For example, when the digital transformation changed every industry, some companies stepped back or were left alone for various reasons. Polaroid, Blockbuster, General Motors and other such companies, which failed to redraw their road maps at the time, had to take the hardest blows in the decades that followed. Though this pandemic is not as mighty as the digital transformation phase, it surely poses an opportunity for business leaders to reprioritize their business goals and emerge reskilled.

With more government intervention, shopping habits of people and the way businesses function would change in the months to come and this change is here to stay. Many companies spent the last few weeks on keeping their heads above water to protect their market presence. Therefore, in every possible way, this is the best time to effectuate the growth hacking ideas brands have shelved. This also stands as the right time to take the step-of-transformation brands have been avoiding. All said and done, the last thing that carves out a new niche in these unusual times for any brand belonging to any industry is the message brands convey to their customers. When the customer knows that their favourite brand has transformed during this extraordinary situation to serve them in a better way, they feel better.

At the end of the day, we too are a brand. Even we took the bold and transformative step. In the past few weeks, we have acquired new skills and designed a new strategy and it is our job to communicate with the world that we are emerging anew.

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We are ready to provide proactive guidance to brands to help them effectuate new ideas and to communicate the same with their patrons.

One thing we are sure about is that the hungriest wolves hunt the best.